“ECRF” confirms the deterioration of the human rights situation in Egypt


“Egyptian coordination for Rights and Freedoms” expresses its deep concern that the whole world is celebrating the International Day of Human Rights; while Egypt suffers more and more violations, which affected all aspects of life.

“Egyptian Coordination” in a statement, said that these violations amounted to the peak of the physical liquidation, and extrajudicial killings, where in the past few days have been killings by physical liquidation three young people after were enforced disappearance for a period of not less than three months, were followed by one day the death of another young man in Qalyoubia is “Mustafa Sayed al-Ghazaly”.

“Egyptian Coordination” expressed its regret that the types of violations increases every day than previously; the extrajudicial killings increased for the 3000 incident, in the past three years.

“Coordination” referred to the forced disappearances file, which about 4,000 people in the past three years were suffered it also, as well as more than 26,207 people were arrested, and were monitored by Coordination only through the year and a half from the beginning of 2015 until the end of June 2016.

“Coordination” said that among the detainees there are 40 women and girls are still subject to arbitrary arrest until now.

In addition to more than 11 thousand civilians being tried by a military court, including large numbers of critical disease states that security forces refrains in providing treatment or health care.
“Coordination” stresses that all these earlier figures also mean that there are thousands of families behind them suffer from the effects of these violations that are not provided for by the Constitution or the law, nor accept any of the human rights conventions signed by Egypt and accepted work it out.

“Coordination” confirms that the human rights situation is not right to continue the way it is so; but it shall on this occasion that everyone stand together in order to end these violation, and put an end to the violation of the law and the Constitution, and activating the role of civil society, rather than eliminate it.

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