Shameful treatment of human rights defence lawyer


Mr Mohamed Sadek lawyer and human rights Researcher, (This case is a clear example of ‘forced disappearance’, meaning the person in question was taken illegally, from the street, place of work or home and no one can get any information of their whereabouts). Mr Sadek was born 8 April 1980, graduated bachelor of shariah law, with Islamic law diploma from Cairo University in 2004.

He then went on to complete a general law diploma from Beni Suef University with masters in shariah and general law in 2007 from Al Azhar University Cairo. He also earned a diploma in international human rights from the College of economic and political science, Cairo University in 2015.

A specialist in the appeals court system. He is married and has 4 children, The lawyer in this case was defending prisoners from the “‘Aqrab prison”, he won visitation rights for prisoners families to see their loved ones as well as defending cases of enforced disappearance .Mr Sadek was invited by United Nations in Geneva , to attend a conference on the matter of ‘concern over enforced disappearances.’.

He then himself disappeared on 30 August, for 90 days. His arrest was witnessed at Giza Rail station by his relatives. On 31 August his family filed a complaint at the Egyptian Attorney General office, (complaint number 11472), and complained to the Bar association, who referred it to the organisation for lawyers “freedom committee “in protest against his illegal arrest by the security forces.

The representative from the ‘Bar’ association and a local representative,(with “freedom committee”),met his family to update them on his charges and conditions.

He was charged in a case that had been initiated 60 days previously. How could he have committed the crime if he was already incarcerated for 30 days?

After his arrested on 30 August 2016, his family had no information or any clue to his condition for the said 90 days.

On September 1 the family sent telegram to the attorney general number 2625, after no response on the 4 of September the lawyers union made a new complaint to the attorney general. They met a member of the council of the offices for the attorney general, who noted the new complaint 11602, the charge was against the detective inspector from Giza police station.

The member from the council of the attorney general approved this investigation.

After this they complained to the local attorney general for Giza, Mrs Sadek made a statement, number 29, relating to her husband’s disappearance. Another complaint was submitted to the legal authority of state council for the case, number 80806.

On 5 September yet another complaint was logged with the international human rights organisation regarding Mr Sadek’s case.
On November 27 Mr Sadek appeared in court in case number 724, referred to by the media as ‘assistant attorney general’s assassination plot on 30 September’, by an explosion in New Cairo, Yasmin area, near attorney generals assistance’s home. As previously stated Mr Sadek was incarcerated 30 days before this event.

If we examine the cases taken by Mr Sadek, we find that he was defending cases brought by the interior minister’s regime. As a well read, educated and successful lawyer he took cases of prisoners with genuine complaints. He is an honourable example of a man using his knowledge and skill to free innocent men, women and children from concocted charges and a corrupt regime. He wanted justice for them and people like them, such as the well-publicised ‘Regini’ case. Unless this example of blatant disregard and abuse of human rights is addressed, the future for the Egyptian people looks very grim.

The Egyptian coordination of rights and freedoms demands the immediate release of Mr Sadek and dismissal of all falsified charges.

Egyptian coordination of rights and freedoms
8th January 2017

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