“ECRF” statement about human rights situation for Egyptian Women


International Women’s Day this year reminds us the deterioration of human rights situation suffered by Egyptian women since the third of July events in 2013 and which continues to the present time, which increases the state of increased concern about the Egyptian regime systematically in violation of the fundamental rights for Egyptian Women, including freedom of opinion and expression, the right to a fair trial and the right to life.

“Egyptian Coordination” confirms that during the period since the beginning of July 2013 and until the end of February 2017 has been documented and monitored about 2408 case of arrests of women, they were released later and was arrested because of political opinion, as “Coordination” monitored about 32 girls in detention now because of political accusations, but the number of girls were enforced disappearance to now reached 11 girls, and did not know anything about their fate.

“Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms” confirms that violations against Egyptian women did not stop restriction of freedom and detention, but also “extrajudicial killings”, the organization has documented 131 extrajudicial killings by Egyptian authority by live ammunition or cartridges, and violations also did not stop the women’s trial in civilian courts because of a political opinion, but there are 23 girl were referred to trials before military courts.

“Coordination” explains that the Egyptian regime continues in violation of the rights of Egyptian women even reached the administrative decisions within the Egyptian universities, where were monitored and documented about 526 girls were separated from Egyptian universities by arbitrary administrative decisions.

And Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms emphasizes that dangerous method taken by the Egyptian regime in dealing against Egyptian women because of their political opinion is tantamount to systematic method, which can be show through the statistics and numbers that have been documented since the beginning of July 2013 and until the end of February 2017, which is contrary to international laws and conventions before that violates community norms of the Egyptian environment.

“The Egyptian Coordination of Rights and Freedoms” expresses its extreme fear toward the methodological way followed by the Egyptian regime against Egyptian women which reaches to a violation of the right to life, and the organization emphasizes that the human rights situation to Egyptian women in the direction of the worst in the absence of clarity of any intention by Egyptian system to improve the situation.

The organization calls for the need for urgent intervention by the international community to investigate ongoing violations against Egyptian women by the Egyptian authorities in an attempt to release of the rest of Egyptian detainees women in Egyptian system prisons

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