MP “Sharqawi” faces severe medical neglect in prison

عبدالعظيم الشرقاوي

As the world community and international legal and human rights organizations maintain their silence on the continuous violations against detainees held in Egyptian prisons and detention centers, and despite the decision of public prosecutor to inspect jails and the accompanying fake media reports,Former Member of Parliament Abdel-Azim Sharqawi suffers from several chronic diseases amid total medical neglect behind bars.

Sharqawi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau, faces this severe medical neglect by prison authorities, where he is not allowed to receive treatment in a private hospital at his own expense, despite several consecutive strokes that threaten his life daily.

His family, urgently demand the transfer of Abdel-Azim Sharqawi, and all prisoners suffering dangerous disease, to specialized hospitals for proper treatment. We hold the authorities fully responsible for their lives.

His family also call upon the United Nations and humanitarian and human rights organizations around the world to stand for their humanitarian slogans and to act swiftly to stop these grave violations against innocent political prisoners.

Meanwhile, 90-year-old Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the Muslim Brotherhood’s former Chairman, is still facing death alone in jail.

The prison administration refuses to release him on medical parole or allow a caregiver to help him, in spite of his old age.

Moreover, the traitorous continue their heinous crimes obstinately refusing to treat chronic-disease sufferers in their harsh prisons, including those infected with deadly diseases. They deny political prisoners urgent medical treatment.

Then, in the rare event that the prison administration allows treatment, it is only for such a short period that ensures they do not receive the full treatment they need.

The case of Ahmed Al-Khatib, documented and confirmed with an official medical statement, is simply one of thousands of similar cases.

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