A complaint to prosecutor demanding the disclosure of the fate of journalist “Badr Mohammed Badr”

بدر محمد بدر

A complaint to the public prosecutor demanding the disclosure of the fate of the journalist “Badr Mohammed Badr”

The daughter of the journalist “Badr Mohammed Badr” filed a complaint with the public prosecutor demanding the release of her father. He was arbitrarily arrested. The complaint No. 3924 of 2017 – the Attorney General.

She also filed a telegraph to the Interior Minister asking him to reveal the fate of her father and to reveal his whereabouts.

He was arrested by security forces on Wednesday, March 29, and was enforced disappeared until today. His family carried the Egyptian authorities responsible for his healthy life as he suffers from several chronic diseases.

In the same context, Members of the Syndicate of Journalists, signatories to this statement, condemn the arbitrary arrest and detention of the journalist colleague Badr Mohamed Badr on Wednesday without any court order, warrant or formal charges.

The Syndicate’s Board members demand that the Ministry of the Interior immediately disclose the place of detention of our colleague and present him to the prosecution in the presence of his lawyer and the Syndicate’s legal adviser if any real charges are being formally laid against him.

The Syndicate’s Board members signatories to this statement declare their rejection of the improper manner in which Badr was arrested after security forces raided his office without any formal warrant from the prosecution, and seized his private car.

The signatories hold the Ministry of the Interior fully responsible for the safety of the disappeared journalist, who suffers from liver disease, and considers these violations and past practices unacceptable – a return to an era that has ended and will not return.

Syndicate of Journalists’ Board members:

– Gamal Abdel-Rahim

– Amr Badr

– Mohamed Saad Abdel-Hafeez

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