Morsi: I have not met my lawyer for 4 years and I would like to talk about matters affecting my life

mohamed morsi

President Mohamed Morsi said he had not met any of his defense team for nearly four years, and he didn’t know anything about evidence of proof or the accusations on the  case known in media as “Insulting the judiciary”.

President Morsi stressed the need to communicate with his defense team befor the pleading on saturday session,and there are matters affecting his life  to be discussed with his lawyer,noting that he didn’t meet his family also during all that time.

The President’s speech  was during the Saturday session in Cairo Criminal Court, held at the Police Academy during the hearing case of “insulting the judiciary”.

At the beginning of the session, the parliamentarian Issam Sultan who was detained in the same case, fainted inside the soundproof glass cage and the rest of the detainees  surrounded him,Tribunal security personnel and  Paramedics  intervented to help him.

Ahmed Abdul Jawad, the founder and coordinator of the campaign ” The People defends The  President”,said that  the president does not make this speech unless he is exposed to what he described as strong and continued pressure by Sisi,’s authority.

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