“Forensic medicine confirms that “Mahdi Akef” is suffering from cancer


The forensic medicine department confirmed that the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, “Muhammad Mahdi Akef”, suffering from the cancer of the bile ducts and the deterioration of his health.

Today, the Public Prosecutor’s Office handed over the forensic medicine report to the Cairo Criminal Court concerning the health condition of Akef, who was detained in the case known as “the events of the Guidance Office”.

According to the report, Akef’s health is deteriorating due to his cancer. He cannot move to the court because his condition necessitates medical care, and his transfer threatens his life. Akef’s defense demanded that he be released due to his health condition.

“Akef”, 90, is among the largest political detainees in the world and has spent most of his life in prison since Nasser’s time and until now.

In mid-summer of 2014, former Muslim Brotherhood General Guide, Mohammed Mahdi Akef appeared in one of his trials with a head wrapping. His fans had compared him to the late Libyan leader, Omar Al-Mukhtar. Less than two years later, “Akef Al Mukhtar” has been diagnosed with cancer.

Born in 1928, Mohammed Mahdi Othman Akef is now 88 years old, as old as the Muslim Brotherhood itself.  He is considered the Brotherhood’s “Wikipedia” in terms of his knowledge of the group’s members, given that he has witnessed every era of the group.

He was diagnosed two days ago while being held in Leman Tora Hospital, a number of sources have said.

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