Accepting the appeal filed by 14 defendants for their imprisonment for joining a terrorist group in Sohag


The Court of Cassation ruled on Sunday (December 10th) that 14 people had been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment after being accused of joining an illegal group in Sohag province and decided to re-trial them before a new court. On August 8, 2016, the Sohag Criminal Court sentenced 14 people …

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Forced disappearance of a student at Minia University


The security forces in the province of Minya arrested “Mahmoud Ayman Hamdi Mohamed Mahmoud,” student of the first division of the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, since the afternoon of Tuesday, November 28 last from the Giza train station, and taken to an unknown destination so far. He is …

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The arrest of a number of demonstrators in front of the Journalists Syndicate, denouncing the “Trump decision”


Security forces arrested a number of demonstrators in front of the Journalists Syndicate Thursday, December 7, in protest against the decision of US President “Trump” to transfer the American Embassy to the capital Jerusalem in the State of Palestine, including those detainees, Journalist Ahmed Abdulaziz Islam Ahmad “Ashri” Hossam Al …

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Sharkia security forces arrest 7 citizens from their homes


The security forces in Sharkia province launched a crackdown since the first of this month and continues until today on the centers and villages of the province, resulting in the arrest of seven citizens and so far all are under enforced disappearance and have not been presented to the prosecution …

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Prosecution in Baltim decides to detain an employee in Al-Azhar 15 days


On Saturday (December 2nd), the prosecutor of Baltim in Kafr El-Sheikh ordered the detention of “Abdel-Aal El-Toukhi”, a teacher in the affairs of the Holy Quran in Al-Azhar, 15 days in the investigation. The security forces arrested Al-Tukhi, 54, from his workplace in the Azhar institutes sector in the city …

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Cairo crimes sentenced to death for seven people

3 Trials

 Criminal Court of Cairo sentenced the 28th Circuit, the execution of seven people in what is known as media in the case of “Daash Matrouh” and accused of: Mohamed Khaled Mohamed Hafez Mohamed El Sayed El Sayed Hegazy Mahmoud Abdel Samie Mohamed Abdel Samie Fathallah Faraj Awad Hamed Abdullah Dakhil …

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The referee of papers of 11 accused in the case «Ansar Bait al-Maqdis3» to the Mufti of the Republic

8 Military Trials

On Tuesday (November 28th), the military court sentenced 11 defendants in case no. 2 of 2012 to military crimes in the east known as the “Ansar Bait al-Maqdis3” for the Mufti of the Republic. The accused referred their papers are: – Hisham Ali Ashmawy. Shadi Eid Suleiman. 3. salma salama …

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The suffering of a student in Wadi al-Natrun prison and his family demanding his release for treatment.


We received a letter from the family of the student “Mostafa Hamdy Atef Abu Saada” 29 years old detainee in the prison of 430 in the prisons of Wadi Al-Natroun. The detainee has been suffering from medical negligence and abuse for more than a year, coinciding with a severe stomach …

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Arrest of a citizen in Sharkia governorate and taken to an unknown destination


We received a complaint alleging that Hamed Mohammed Hassan, a resident of Abu Kabir city in Sharqiya, had been subjected to enforced disappearance since he was arrested on Thursday, 23 November, from a street in Cairo by security forces and taken to an unknown destination.

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enforced disappearance of a student at the Faculty of Education, Beni Suef Governorate


enforced The security forces in the province of Beni Suef arrested “Amr nady Abdo” 20 years old, a student at the Faculty of Education, Beni Suef University, on Monday 20 November 2017, while going to the training of the College, and taken to an unknown destination. His relatives are not …

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