Interior Ministry announces the killing of physical liquidation for three citizens

٢٠١٧-٠٦-٢٢ ٢٠.٥٣.٤٣

The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced on its official Facebook page that it had killed three citizens under the pretext of exchanging fire with the police when they broke into what they called “the place prepared for the planning of armed work” It should be noted that the dead were all …

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Egyptian Soldiers Appear to Execute Civilians – Yet Again


Sarah Leah Whitson Human Rights Watch Executive Director, Middle East and North Africa Division A horrifying video has surfaced showing what appear to be Egyptian soldiers executing at least two detained men in North Sinai. Alongside them are the bodies of several other men, lying face down in the ground. …

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Forced Disappearance in Egypt between Denial and Evidence

د. أحمد عبدالستار

Unprecedented rise in Egypt forces disappearances amid wave of brutal repression in an effort to intimidate opponents and wipe out peaceful dissent. Corrupt dictatorships have been using these methods for centuries. Forced disappearance is used to extract confessions; victims are subjected to extreme methods of illegal torture and cruel threats …

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Women’s Rights and State Suppression: What is going on in Egypt?!


Around this time each year on March 8th, the world celebrates the International Women’s Day. Since its beginning in the early 1900s, this day used to stand there to remind us of the invaluable contributions –social, political, economic, scientific, etc.– of women as well as of the issues that need …

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I Am a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Not a Terrorist

جهاد الحداد

By: GEHAD EL-HADDADFEB The New York Times  TORA, Egypt — I write this from the darkness of solitary confinement in Egypt’s most notorious prison, where I have been held for more than three years. I am forced to write these words because an inquiry is underway in the United States …

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After 3 years in prison, student searches desperately for her missing fiancé


Asmaa Hamdy’s fiancé was forcibly disappeared a week before her release Mada Masr Out of jail after three years in prison, Asmaa Hamdy is not celebrating, but desperately searching for her fiancé, who was forcibly disappeared just one week before her release. A dentistry student at Al-Azhar University, Hamdy was …

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Egypt’s Crackdown on the Human Rights Community


Ann M. Lesch Ann M. Lesch is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at The American University in Cairo. The views expressed here are her own. An investigative judge abruptly froze the assets of the Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies (AITAS) on June 15. The judge also froze the …

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High Price for Exposing Disappearances in Egypt


Brian Dooley Director, Human Rights First’s Human Rights Defenders Program Next Tuesday, August 30, marks the International Day of the Disappeared, a day dedicated to reminding us of secret detentions, abductions, and forced disappearances. In many countries—including some of Washington’s close allies—this horrifyingly common, with people being seized by governments …

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The transfer of 4 detainees to hospital after torturing them

برج العرب

The health condition of a number of detainees at Burj Al Arab prison had deteriorated, after they were assaulted and subjected to severe torture by the prison administration, which led to their transfer to the hospital, and there were reports indicating that some detainees refused medication because of the continuing …

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Next Tuesday … the State Council hears a lawsuit to close AL-AQRAB prison”


The State Council court hearing next Tuesday, June 28, 2016 the first case hearings, relating to the closure of Tora Prison No. 992, known in the media as the “AL-AQRAB prison”. “The Egyptian coordination for Rights and Freedoms” with “the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms”, “Hisham Mubarak Center”, “EL- …

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