After enforced disappeared of three months … The Ministry of the Interior announces the killing of the physical liquidation of the two youths, “Majid Abd Rabbo” and “Ali Sami”


The Ministry of the Interior announced the killing of the physical liquidation of “Majid Zayed Abed Rabbo” student at the Faculty of Agriculture – Fayoum University, after being shot three bullets in the head, chest and left arm, and the young man, “Ali Sami Fahim Alfar” on the road to …

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Under the death guillotine.. Report


Preparation by/ programs and reports Unit of Egyptian coordination for rights and freedoms   In this report you read: First: Introduction Second: Executive Summary Third: details of the case  Fourth: Seven legal violations of the rule Fifth: Recommendations Methodology used: – Based on the information provided by the Legal Committee …

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Interior Ministry announces the killing of physical liquidation for three citizens

٢٠١٧-٠٦-٢٢ ٢٠.٥٣.٤٣

The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced on its official Facebook page that it had killed three citizens under the pretext of exchanging fire with the police when they broke into what they called “the place prepared for the planning of armed work” It should be noted that the dead were all …

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Egypt Ups Systematic Efforts to Silence Independent Media


The Egyptian government’s efforts to crack down on critical media platforms reached news heights this week when authorities blocked access to the Cairo-based independent news website, Mada Masr. An “independent and progressive” news outlet that covers a variety of topics including politics, culture and the economy, Mada Masr routinely published …

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Sisi ratifies controversial NGO bill restricting human rights groups – decree

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Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signed into law a controversial bill regulating the work of non-governmental organisations, a presidential decree showed on Monday. Human rights groups and activists say the law effectively bans their work and makes it harder for charities to operate. The bill restricts NGO activity to developmental and social …

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Egypt’s Aqrab Prison Hell: Slow Death, Chemicals Sprayed on Hundreds of Political Prisoners

ahmed aref

Aqrab Prison detainees suffer extreme humiliation and brutal abuse from the prison administration almost daily, amid fears of a repeat of slow-death atrocities in this notorious jail. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, revealed in remarks he made before his trial on trumped up charges that detainees suffered violations in …

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“Make Yourself at Prison”: A guide on arrest, investigation and prisons for meeting the needs of democracy defenders in Egypt


Today, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) releases a legal guide which includes answers to the most important questions that came into the minds of thousands, if not millions, of citizens. The guide highlights the issue of the potential fate of prison, which has become so close to …

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Police continued to forcibly disappear for the girl “Zubaida Ibrahim” for 40 day ..And her mother is demanding “Trump” to intervene

زبيدة إبراهيم

The mother of the kidnapped girl, “Zubaydah Ibrahim”, sent a letter to US President Donald Trump asking him to intervene to rescue her kidnapped daughter in military jails as he intervened to release activist “Aya Hijazy” before. Zubaydah’s mother confirmed that her daughter, Zubaydah Ibrahim Ahmed Yunis, 23, was kidnapped …

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Journalist Badr Mohamed Badr’s deprivation of treatment and visitation is a violation may equivalent to attempted murder

بدر محمد بدر

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said, “The suffering endured by journalist Badr Mohamed Badr inside his jail in Tora Prison, either prevention of exercising or communicating with family and lawyers or denial of visitation or treatment, is tantamount to pre-meditated attempted murder. Since his arrest, Badr has …

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State Council defies amendments to Judicial Authority Law

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The State Council general assembly decided to appoint judge Yehia Dakroury as head of the council for this legal year, which is contrary to the amendments made to the Judicial Authority Law by government and parliament. The amendments to the law grants Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi the right to select the …

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